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Why Education?

Why is education so important?  It changes lives...it changes the way you think, develops what's inside you,  and how you see people and the world, and what's really important. 

Why Mathematics?

Why do Mathematicians become Mathematicians?  From my experience, I'd say Mathematicians are partly born this way, they are blessed with the type of mind that thrives on abstract conceptualisation, and they enjoy musing over and playing with ideas even when away from their desks.  But also, in part they are given a good start in their early cognitive development. For me that was playing chess and card games (from the age of 5, thanks to my Grandfather and  Father), and finally having really good teachers.  That includes primary school through to University.

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Below is a map of La Bella Sicilia....one of my favourite places

Map of Sicily


  • To grow the consultancy, that it  flourishes and I flourish.


My Current Role

Director of a Mathematics Consultancy Education Unlimited.  I trained and practised as a Mathematician for 25 years lecturing in Universities, and progressing to University administration & management. I have run this successful consultancy for 10 years.


BSc (Hons) in Mathematics

MPhil Mathematics (Functional Analysis)

PhD Pure Mathematics (Functional Analysis)

Professional Bodies :  Membership of the London Mathematical Society and the American Mathematical Society up until 2016.

Since 2012 we have held the Charter Mark from the National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics - this means that our CPD for Maths teachers is of the highest quality. Also PD Lead.

I am an accredited Researcher at the ONS, with access to Government educational databases. 

Business Courses : Cotswold Women in Business.

Books, Papers and Teaching Materials

These are a sample of books, papers and teaching materials  I've written.

Brief outline of  CV

2011 -     Director of Education Unlimited

2006-2011  Director of Undergraduate Studies, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford. I also held various College Appointments including at Wadham College and Keble College.

2003 - 2006  Area Chair of Math & Science Department, and Associate Professor of Mathematics, The American University of Rome.  Also Director of Outcomes Assessment (QA).  Assistant Provost during 2005 as VC was unwell.

1989 - 2004 Senior Lecturer in Mathematics, Statistics & Operational Research, London South Bank University. (Lecturer 1989 - 1991).

1985 - 1989  p/t posts as Graduate Teaching Assistant at Goldsmith's College, University of London, Open University, South Bank Polytechnic and MPW tutorial College London.


University of London, Goldsmiths' College, & other Colleges for Graduate Courses.

School: Ribston Hall High for Girls, a Grammar School in Gloucester.

Awarded 3 A'levels (Mathematics, Latin & Geography), 12 O'Levels (and School Prize).

More recently : GCSE & AS in Italian.


Living in Italy (mostly in Rome), I travelled a lot, most European countires, North Africa, Northern Asia, USA, etc..; a wonderful experience. [I may put a few photos up in time!] I learnt to speak Italian and made some really good Sicilian Friends, I shall always love Palermo! But more importantly I learnt to love cooking - especially pasta! I have to say spagetti alle cozze is pretty good, and bucatini alle sarde is becoming more authentic.

In the Media  ....

27/2/2013    You can hear my interview with BBC Radio Oxford on the James Cannon Show today or on iplayer.  

9/1/2013     We were invited to give a talk at the Faringdon Rotary Club, about our Youth Project.

28/11/2012  We had an interview with Radio Swindon 105.5, about the Youth Project that we run.

Recent  projects

I've persuaded my local parish to join collections for the Swindon Foodbank; 1 in 6 children live below the poverty line in Swindon (meaning they live with below 60% of the national median income). There is now a Food Bank in Faringdon.

I try to do some voluntary work, because as one colleague asked me years ago "What do you put into your local community?" I am on Advisory Board of an Oxford College (the Oxford International College), and I was a school governor  at The Commonweal School, Swindon. (2011-2013).  I've also sat on the Swindon University Technical College's Curriculum  Committee (Employers group) setting up the college.

Update for August 2012:  Launch of the Faringdon Youth Project  : I'm pleased to say I've now launched as  the Faringdon Job Club which is a group of local volunteers whose aim is to support local young people aged 16-24  to find courses, training, work placements, apprenticeships and ... jobs.  I closed the project in December 2016 as the economy improved.


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