Principle Training Courses 

I've undertaken the following courses:

  •  Teaching/Training Courses 
 - Office for National Statistics - Safe Researcher Training - I am now on the ONS Accredited Researcher list. Feb 2019

-PD Lead Course, sponsored by BBO Maths Hub, 2018/2019

- Dyscalculia conference, London, 2016

- Resilience Training Workshop, Reading College, June 2016

 -NCETM Workshop on Variation for CPD Standard Holders - Market Harborough, March 2016

 - ATM Conference, March 2015

 -NCETM  Professional Development Lead in FE course (for Accreditation) - 4  day course, Birmingham, 2014
 -Mathspeak Conference -London,  November 2013,
 -South West Regional Meeting for CPD leaders  - Exeter,  September 2012

  • Leadership

1. Academic Leadership Development Programme, 2 day course, Oxford University, Oxford Learning Institute (OLI), 2007.

2. Student Learning and Institutional Development, Workshop in Philadelphia, USA, Middle States Commission on Higher Education,  2006.  (Presentation given with AUR Colleagues Valerie Higgins, Magda Romana, and Hannah Suni.)

3.  Institutional Effectiveness,  Conference in Philadelphia, Middle States Commission on Higher Education,  2003

  • Soft Skills for Managers

1. Managing students : workshop on "students as customers",  LSBU, 1993

2. Team work - Annual staff conference on Faculty Development, LSBU, 1997

3. Staff Recruitment & Appointment, Oxford Learning Institute (OLI), 2008

4. Student Admissions, OLI, 2009

5. Essential Skills for Supervisors, Leeds, 2009

6. Managing Relationships in the workplace, OLI, 2010

7. SpringBoard, OLI  2007

In my view, all female Maths/Science Undergraduates should take this course at some point during their degree courses.  

  • Business Course

      -Cotswold Women in Business : Start-up Course  8 week, 2010                                             
       -Next Steps 4 week course, 2011

        • Web/IT
         Web design, OUCS, 2010
         Web design, LSBU, 1997
         Html,   LSBU, 1996  (really good course, designed and delivered by Professor Fintan Culwin)

        • Child Protection & Safety Courses
        Prevent Training course, OSCB, February 2018
        Awareness of child abuse & neglect, OSCB, February 2018
        Disability Awareness Training for Interviewers, IMA, London, January 2018.
        Child Protection & safeguarding Course, Oxfordshire County Council, OSBC Training, March 2017.
        Child Protection Course, Fleet Tutors at the Institute of Education, London. August 2013 (special focus on Looked-after children).
        First Aid, St Johns Ambulance, 2011,
        Safeguarding, Vulnerable Adults, Diocese of Portsmouth, 2009,
        Safeguarding, Diocese of Portsmouth, 2007

        • Governor Courses
        New Governors Training Day, Swindon, March 2012
        School Improvement Training, Greenwich, 1999
        Chair of Governors Training,  Greenwich, 1996

         last updated       7th September 2020